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About Us -ViveHighVibe.com

Vive High Vibe is a community and digital platform on a mission to empower.

Really, we are a collective of ~high vibed~ human beings. Bueno, all that really means is that we abide by that of peace, positivity, and creating a life that is meaningful and guided by purpose.  

We know that as individuals our journeys are all unique. Therefore, what raises your vibration rather, makes you feel like your best self, will look and more importantly feel differently than the person next to you. 

Pero, as a collective here at Vive High Vibe we do have a few go-to's that never disappoint: 

  • Personal Growth
  • Wellness + Mental Health
  • Spirituality Topics
  • Personal Journals + Essays
  • Music + Culture

Our purpose is to inspire you to take action and live your life on purpose fueled by passion and empowerment. To feel like this is a space where you can find stories that will motivate, offer new perspectives, and help you to ignite the will to create your best life. 

Oh yea, and we are all about that Latina/x vida. In fact, we shine a light on the strength powered by emotion and inner fire that our community brings to the world. Vive High Vibe is a space where our generation can embrace both nuestra Latinidad and wellness/alta vibra topics that need to be discussed more in our community. 

Live with purpose. Raise your vibe. Vive High Vibe.


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Hey there, I'm Yasmin!

About Us - ViveHighVibe.com

Hey there, my name is Yasmin Vasquez and I'm the main voice behind this high vibe space on the internet. 

Why Vive High Vibe?

After college, my life and my internal self were hit with an overwhelming feeling of confusion, overwhelm, and anxiety. Pretty much, I felt completely lost. 

See the part that always got to me was searching for the reason as to why? I mean I had everything I needed—externally. Yet, I had gotten lost in the evolution of the version of me post-college and everything that was my life in that chapter, comfort included.

This new chapter was unfamiliar to me and I really didn't know how to go about it. So, after some time I came to a decision. I had to start over. I had to dig deep in search of finding out who I was to be in this new phase of my life.

Long story short—the process was this:  

I went back to my roots. 

By doing so not only did the wave fizzle out, but also it helped carry me to a higher version of myself who was now more confident, stronger, and wiser. Through reconnecting with my cultural roots, music, family, friends, hobbies, and new realms of spirituality and wellness I realized that all this was guiding me to one simple yet powerful epiphany: to create my life based on purpose and fulfillment. Which led to this space.

This space is not to tell you what to do or how to live. It's simply a space that offers new perspectives and inspiration. 

A space that asks the question, "What makes you feel your most fulfilled and like you're truly living your best life possible?". Whatever that means to you, as simple or complex as your answer might be. 

So then, are you ready to raise your vibe?

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