Welcome to Vive High Vibe

Hola mi gente!
Welcome, to Vive High Vibe.
A little space in the infinity of the internet where we hope you will feel safe understood and inspired.
Inspired to ask questions, to find resolutions, and to become motivated to go after your wildest dreams.
Beyond being a space, Vive High Vibe is also a motto. A personal motto or one for the collective. Honestly, we hope that down the road in this journey it will become both. So, if you don’t already know what vive means it is the English translation for the word “live” in Spanish. Porque español?
The answer lies in the vision of creating a space where we can chat all things wellness (whether mental, physical, or spiritual), personal growth, and essentially just finding what it is that makes us feel at our best. At the end of the day, it is when we feel our best that we can create our best lives, every single day. 
So then, what is the magical dust, the special sauce that sets this site apart? It is the magic, the emotion, and the resilience that serve as pillars derived from our culture, nuestra cultura.
Therefore this space is dedicated to everyone who:
Has encountered the challenge of staying close to your roots all the while wanting to embrace their very own version of environment or culture growing while coming of age.
has always been raised to always be strong but may have recently realized that to not simpre ser fuerte, doesn’t mean to be weak.
Finds relief and guidance in knowing what to change and evolve is not just great rather it is an amazing and gratifying experience.
And lastly, this space is dedicated to sharing the stories of the voices who want to share. Share their experiences, their thoughts, and their questions not just of themselves but of their community.
So, thank you for being here and being a part of today, which marks the first day on this new journey together. The journey of creating and living life so full of purpose that high vibes are the grandest outcome.
Live with purpose. Raise your vibe. Vive High Vibe.
Talk soon,
Founder of Vive High Vibe

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