All for Authenticity

All for Authenticity -
Whether a new year, season, month or day—there’s always room for new truths.
Even if, those truths are ones that we constantly avoid, suppress, or think we have overcome but still seem to surface when least expected.
Well, how about today we are tackle anything and everything that has got us feeling “meh” (or worse) and ensure that we feel as radiant as a blooming flower on a spring day (cheesy, I know).
Anyway, ready to start feeling empowered after knocking out whatever may be holding you back? Cool, me too.

Authenticity is nothing but a next level vocab word for “Just be you.”

And yet, we can get caught up in fear of failure, playing the comparison game, and on a mental downward spiral of “What is my purpose?”. When all we have to do (and always seem to forget) is to simply be true to ourselves, for ourselves.
Whether we think back to our wins, our losses, our happy days, or our bad days. Even the days that we made amazing, maybe even life-changing decisions, or the days that we messed up pretty bad — just own them.
We are all human. We are all far from perfect. We all have gifts just like we all have flaws. The important thing to remind ourselves of is to honor all these experiences as simply that—experiences. Things that have happened or that we have done and have led us here. Own it, embrace it but don’t get caught up living in the past.
Instead, find your power in the present moment.
Simply being here, taking a breath, and having all the blessings that we have is already the biggest gift of all. And sadly, it is one we all tend to neglect at some point.

To be our most authentic selves we must take a moment and be grateful for how far we have come and gear up for whatever is next.

And how exactly do we gear up? Glad you asked.

First, practice gratitude. Take a moment to step out and really acknowledge all the awesomeness that makes up your life and be happy to know that you are where you need to be.
Second, collaborate, take part in society, spend time with your loved ones but also—stay in your own lane.
It’s so easy to be influenced by or compare ourselves with whatever everyone else is doing or how their life is going and why are they succeeding and why we aren’t. But you know what?
Everyone is meant to live a life completely their own and comparing ourselves with everyone else is really like comparing apples and oranges (or pizza and chocolate in my case) both delicious in their own and unique way.
Third, and the toughest—facing what freaks us out.
Honestly, I always admire those who are able to just combat their fears or stressful situations with such a fearlessness you’d think they were used to jumping out of a plane on the daily.
But the truth is, that for those of us who can sometimes tend to get trapped in our thoughts every so often, it’s ridiculously difficult.
What I have come to realize though, is that in order to truly be comfortable in who we are and really enjoy our life… we just have to do it. No ifs, whats, or buts about it.
So, are you currently living your best and truest life? Are there any aspects that can use some diving into a bit more?
Talk soon,
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