8 Lessons I learned in 2018

8 Lessons I Learned in 2018 - ViveHighVibe.com

Another year that came and went. Another year in which the collective thought of, “this is my year” came and well, went.
See that’s the thing about setting high expectations during a time were energies and inspiration is at an all-time high. And spoiler alert, 2018 wasn’t my year in the way I expected it to be—it was, in fact, the most life-changing and eye-opening 12 months in recent times.
Although it is no longer December, we are a little past the first quarter of 2019 and therefore what better time than now, where all the new year excitement has passed, to really reflect and remind ourselves of past lessons that can very well influence a brighter present and future.
And with that, here’s my reflection.
But first, a bit of background.
Okay, so since I was a kid I have always LOVED the New Year. Not because of resolutions or the whole "New year, new me" thing but just because it's a global new beginning and a societal consensus to get rid of the old and make space for the new (talking about it in the energy sense here).
It's a time filled with magic and hope and happiness and most of all hope (yes I think it's that important to say, so I said it again) to not necessarily start again rather, try again or really just keep going. Keep overcoming and keep growing as people.
So of course, every year I go in with a positive mindset and think "This is the year" for whatever goal I have in mind or mission I'm currently embarked on but... regardless of this hope these last few years have been very very challenging.
I've tried to always externalize and find a person, a circumstance, or a life situation to blame (really just to have an explanation for the madness when the anxiety creeps up) but what I have realized (even if it's taken a while) is that life is what we make of it. Life and challenges and even bad things will always happen. But it's our perspective and our mindset that will forever make the difference.
And in hindsight, 2018 has been THE year that has really taught me this lesson. Through challenges and tests so deep that it forced me to finally say, "enough", look within and face the growing pains of actually stepping into the person you already are but may have ignored because of well... fear.
2018 taught me that:
  1. If I want to change what's going on outside of me, I have to change what is going on within me.
  2. If I wanted truthful answers I had to go back and start from the ground up. Go back to the basics.
  3. Taking the time to identify my values and priorities in life would change my life for the better.
  4. Feeling lost and confused is okay. And that it's the perfect foundation to finding myself again.
  5. Living focused on the future or past isn't as cool as living focused on the present. (I'm still working on this one :))
  6. Choosing to take time to spend with myself and on myself rather than going out or having a busy schedule isn't selfish it's... essential.
  7. Reconnecting with my family, culture, faith, and asking for help has been the best medicine for my soul.
  8. Choosing to face fear in all sorts of ways has been the main source of cultivating internal strength.
But it doesn't end here.
Although it's important and empowering to reflect on all that this year has taught me it can also be a waste... if I let it. See, what good is it to learn all these things and utilize them in the best of ways throughout our life only if it's 2018? No.
Instead, I feel compelled to remind myself and you as well since we're at it, that main purpose of lessons is not to say, "Hey, remember when you were wrong and I gave you the answer." Rather it is to always keep implementing the lessons to create a better and more fulfilled daily life. Whether in 2019 or 2029. Woo, that's kind of scary to think about, isn't it?
So, what kinds of things has 2018 taught you? I would love to know!
Talk soon,

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