3 Self-Limiting Beliefs and How to Overcome Them

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How many times have you thought to yourself or maybe even shared this thought with those closest to you, “I’m really excited to set out and achieve x.”? Or how about, “X has always been a dream of mine.” Maybe it’s been more like, “I’ve wanted to do x for the longest time, hopefully, I’m able to achieve it someday.”
Now, “x” can be anything, literally. A fitness goal, a career move, a change of location, even just something you’ve had on your bucket list forever. Usually, what happens is that we start off really excited about this goal. Say we are going to go for it (maybe even make a game plan) and then one of two things happen. The first, we make a list (at least in my case), we research and plan and research some more (Or is that again just me again?) and we get it done and feel super accomplished.
The second, we do all of that but instead and going for it—we don’t. We either psyche ourselves out, or promise ourselves that we tooootally will and yet again—we don’t.
So, what exactly fuels this vicious cycle and as a result keeps us from reaching our goals, living our dream life, and rock that glow from within?
Limiting beliefs.
Simple yet unfortunately very effective. Luckily there are ways to overcome them and start living our best life.
1. Not believing in Ourselves
You had to see that one coming right? So just a few questions to start us off: Who has the idea? Who feels so passionate about that it has become a goal? Who gets that sparkly gleam in their eye whenever they talk about the said goal? Who ultimately has the power to make it happen? Oh yeah, it’s you.
You and only you.
It’s your goal, you’re the one who will set out to achieve it so why not believe that you can? Maybe thoughts such as, “I won’t be any good at it.” or “It just seems unattainable.” have crossed your mind but guess what? That is absolutely not true.
The fix: Value Your Individuality
You have a different perspective. You have different strengths. You have different experiences. You are you. Therefore, you will not only strive, but also achieve, and continue to live with your accomplishment in a unique way you will go about it with a unique fire within—and that is what really makes the magic happen.
2. Prioritizing Others Before Yourself
This point can take on a couple of different forms.
One of them is actually just putting others before yourself. This, of course, is not a bad thing but it is when you are subconsciously using that as an excuse for the distraction of making progress for your goal. Making sure everyone is being tended too is amazing, but are you carving out time for you and your progress?
The second take on this is prioritizing other’s success before yours, or in other words comparing yourself to others.
I’m specifically referring to others who are striving for a similar goal as yours or have already accomplished it—aka those who are killing it.
Some challenging thoughts might be, “These people are goals, how can I ever be at their level?” or even, “Everyone likes them more so why even try?”. These are thoughts that when they come you must consciously make an effort to delete from your mind.
The fix: Mentors vs. Competition
Let me explain.
When it comes to helping out those who care about they always take on some form of a mentor. Someone you trust, someone who helps you, someone who would love to guide you. If all these are true, then why not share what your goal is and the efforts you are making to reach it?
More than likely they will not only understand and be willing to help by giving you your space for you to do you. Bonus, they will probably offer other ways to help too!
On the other hand, catering to the second perspective, you decide how you want to see those individuals you compare yourself too.
If you choose competition, those challenging thoughts we touched on earlier may not only remain but become stronger and more permanent. Instead, why not try to view them as mentors? People who inspire you, people you can learn from, people who may even support you on your journey if you reach out?
3. Getting Stuck in a Rut
No worries, it absolutely happens to the best of us. Like most things, we may experience this in many different ways. For now let’s just focus on one of the most common: the comfort zone *gasp*.
Here’s a scenario to consider.
You have a good job, good friends, good family, a good love life, in other words—everything is gooood. So why would you need to mess up the good vibes?
Well, there are times that being good and safe does not equal being so fulfilled that it makes you giddy. No matter who you are. Taking on risks can be tough for some of us but once we realize that it’s what makes our life live on the edge of our seat, it becomes addicting.
The fix: Answer this question: Are you truly fulfilled?
Honestly, if you have the chance to be at your ideal fitness level, have your dream career, move to your favorite city, or jump out of plane and cross it off your bucket list, wouldn’t you?
Or would say, “Nah, I’m good.”? You know that saying, “We only have one life to live”? Why don’t we go for what we want and live it the best way we can? And if we don’t succeed, we will learn and do better next time.
Trust me, your legacy is worth the shot.
Hope this has helped to shine some light and provided some inspiration and motivation as well! What are some things that keep you from going full force towards your goals?
Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to join the crew!
Talk soon,
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